Thursday, November 25, 2010

Insomniac gile bab

Okay, i admit..dah seminggu i asyik bangun lewat. sebab tido lewat. masalahnye, i cant sleeeppppp!! i dont know why, maybe i think too much about work and stuff..i get excited when it comes to money. i love to list down the stuff that i would buy..heh heh.. Okay, cut the crap. its 3am, my bf is going to go balumic when he finds out ive been sleeping late, again. Sorry sayang.. :( i can never sleep well unless ur beside me.

OMG, did u guys read his recent blog? is he GEDIK or wat? hahahaha..i was reading it this morning *actually it was 3pm* and i was laughing to myself..My bf is sooo gedik...the way he writes pun macam nak kene penampar. But he's soooo cuute, isnt he? heh heh.. ade ke BF u mcm die? takde punggg...haha. siut je.

Anyhow, im just blogging today because we have plans next week babeh! and im gonna write it down because i have short term amnesia *not sure what that means* Okay, arrival of En Fadzli will be on the 30th of November which is on Tuesday night.

Wednesday : 1st Dec 2010
~Morning we will be going to kota kemuning, as i have an interview with one of the bionexus groups under MBC *thank u thank u* Then probably after that we will be doing some romantic lovey dovey stuff which all couples do. Im thinking of eating sushi on that day. im gonna treat my bf sushi, because he doesnt eat sushi. That way, i can eat everything on his plate..hahaha. Then, im also thinking of a rematch of foosball later at night. or maybe hangout with some of our buddies and have a sheesha or two. at bangsar.. nth mane nth syg i ckp..ade je die.

Thursday : 2nd Dec 2010
~We are gonna get our hair colored bitchas!! me and my bf, isnt that cute.. i am thinking of honey blonde, or if i wanna be more like blair, ill just dye it a dark brunette. Boring. And for my bf...hmmm...he can choose himself. *he will make me choose for him anyway, so start thinking!* Aha, later is the best part..i have been dying to get my nails done. but not mani, PEDI! hahaha, n my bf is not gonna run anywhere on this.. To whoever yang baca blog i ni, please do not breathe a word to him yeah. he will make a bunch of worthless excuses to avoid this. plan is to drag him there and treat him a session of pedicure too. =)) aint i the sweetest gf anyone could afford to have? maybe ill pick the color for him too! hahahah!
Okay, so after painting his toenails RED, haha, we might go somewhere dark without lights so no one can see his oh-so beautiful feet. maybe tgk wayang kot...i miss nuzzling my head in his wide-open arms..ngeee...So with all the hair-coloring, i think thats enuf for the day..

Friday : 3rd Dec 2010
~I have no idea actually, usually he will plan half, n ill plan half..i think he wud just fill in the blanks with either 'torturing my gf' or 'Buli gf sy sepanjang hari' or 'menghabiskan  sisa makanan gf sy' or just plain 'menggedik dgn gf sy' haha..

Okay, i shud go to sleep, if he asks, ckp i tdo awal tau..Niteeez!

The one who slept at 10pm on thursday night ( 25th Nov 2010) *important!!*

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