Saturday, December 18, 2010


Hi bloggers. Im on leave today. (supposedly) i thot by going to Kuantan, i could take my mind off work matters. but it seems that is just much thinking and planning to do. anyway, today, i would like to share with u bitchas some sad but true story. as an intro, i would like to en-light you all with the fact that there are still losers out there which just dont understand when and how to back off. After reading this so called fairytale, i will construct a plan for those pittiards, (the colony of the mentally-unfortunate) ON how to give up on hatred, and indulge more on reading english novels, to make up for that poorly broken written english. I am not sarcastic. Its just logic thinking. So. here it goes.

"Ay-yay, I have so much hatred in me right now.
I have a friend who means more than anything in the world to me.
I like him. I think.
I want him to be there for me all the time. and share with me bedtime stories. and gossips and everything!
Everything is perfect! i am in control of our relationship. and i swear to god that nothing or no one is going to change us, or draw us apart. I am so happy.
I adore him. He knows my game. We fight, we make up. He does all the talking and persuasion...all the time. No worries! im happy! 
Wait....are we really happy? why do i feel he is not happy at all? I am missing something. He is missing something.
I feel neglected. He Neglected me.
He has someone new in his life! How can this be? I thot i was the only one important to him?
Who is this person? Why hasnt he introduce me to her? 
I dont like the feeling. I hate it..I feel like an outcast.
Everything has changed. He is not anymore that person i thought he was.
I feel threatened. This Newbie is gonna get it from me. Who the FUCK does she think she is? taking away WHATS mine?
I hate her! I dont ever want to hear of her from him, or even try at being her friend. She is a tad ugly and full of nonsense.
I am a queen. I am a queen. I dont care about some stupid girl. But......why do i feel slightly jealous of her?
I feel sweat pouring down my face. Oh my Gosh..Why do i feel that He is not taking my side on this matter? He said he'll always be by my side. forever and ever!
I know...calm down..I am the queen at everything. I can solve this. Nobody takes away whats mine. 
I know! I am going to spread bad things about the newbie, write crap about her and i will show him that i am mad and disappointed! He will certainly realize that he is making the biggest mistake in his life and re-connects with me. I am going to sit in a corner like an ugly duckling and sour away. Ofcourse he will slowtalk me into being friends again. He wud never leave me unattended!
He will notice me.
He WILL notice me.
He will.....
The only problem is...................He hasnt."

**************************End of story*****************************

So what dyu think of the ugly fairytale? Its quite sad..really...all of u must be wondering, who is the narrator of the story. well. ITS NOT ME. haha. gotcha.

The moral of the story is..
Jgn la berhasad dengki sgt kat orang lain.
Kalau ade salah faham, berterus terang la antara satu sama lain.
Jangan menghakimi (bib mesti menangis BM i hebat giler) orng terlebih dahulu sebelum mengenali orng itu dgn lebih baik.
Hidup sekali sahaja. jangan melukai hati orang2 yang sayang kamu.
Berkawan la dengan semua orng, jangan asyik nak mencari musuh.
Tenangkan la hati..takyah la asyik2 nak mengeluarkan kata2 tak puas hati. memudaratkan diri sendiri tau!
Jangan ingat semua orng akan ikut cara kau je. sometimes we have to give and take.
Orang tak suke berada di sekeliling orng yang penuh dendam,kecoh kepoh dan tak terurus.
Sometimes kite kene menilai diri sendiri, maybe kite ada bwat salah kat orng lain, instead of orng lain bwat salah kat kite.
Jangan sebarkan fitnah bout other people.tak baik =P goddamn i feel like a ustazah.
simple la. kalau tak beberapa suke dengan someone, tak ape. xde masalah. tapi takyah ckp burok pasal orng tu like, all the time u noe..bwat dek je..baru la boleh hidup bahagia yaw.:)
Fairytale ni ditulis sempena kisah benar dan pengalaman dramatik. dan juga sempena the fact yang couple2 zaman skarang ade password facebook masing2 dan boleh access partner die punye facebook anytime. So,

Better watch out bout what you say.

The one who waves a white flag, seeks for harmony, wishes for lesser enemies, hopes for ladies having less jealousy, and doesnt want to befriend you either (In a peaceful harm-free way),

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