Saturday, December 18, 2010


Hi bloggers. Im on leave today. (supposedly) i thot by going to Kuantan, i could take my mind off work matters. but it seems that is just much thinking and planning to do. anyway, today, i would like to share with u bitchas some sad but true story. as an intro, i would like to en-light you all with the fact that there are still losers out there which just dont understand when and how to back off. After reading this so called fairytale, i will construct a plan for those pittiards, (the colony of the mentally-unfortunate) ON how to give up on hatred, and indulge more on reading english novels, to make up for that poorly broken written english. I am not sarcastic. Its just logic thinking. So. here it goes.

"Ay-yay, I have so much hatred in me right now.
I have a friend who means more than anything in the world to me.
I like him. I think.
I want him to be there for me all the time. and share with me bedtime stories. and gossips and everything!
Everything is perfect! i am in control of our relationship. and i swear to god that nothing or no one is going to change us, or draw us apart. I am so happy.
I adore him. He knows my game. We fight, we make up. He does all the talking and persuasion...all the time. No worries! im happy! 
Wait....are we really happy? why do i feel he is not happy at all? I am missing something. He is missing something.
I feel neglected. He Neglected me.
He has someone new in his life! How can this be? I thot i was the only one important to him?
Who is this person? Why hasnt he introduce me to her? 
I dont like the feeling. I hate it..I feel like an outcast.
Everything has changed. He is not anymore that person i thought he was.
I feel threatened. This Newbie is gonna get it from me. Who the FUCK does she think she is? taking away WHATS mine?
I hate her! I dont ever want to hear of her from him, or even try at being her friend. She is a tad ugly and full of nonsense.
I am a queen. I am a queen. I dont care about some stupid girl. But......why do i feel slightly jealous of her?
I feel sweat pouring down my face. Oh my Gosh..Why do i feel that He is not taking my side on this matter? He said he'll always be by my side. forever and ever!
I know...calm down..I am the queen at everything. I can solve this. Nobody takes away whats mine. 
I know! I am going to spread bad things about the newbie, write crap about her and i will show him that i am mad and disappointed! He will certainly realize that he is making the biggest mistake in his life and re-connects with me. I am going to sit in a corner like an ugly duckling and sour away. Ofcourse he will slowtalk me into being friends again. He wud never leave me unattended!
He will notice me.
He WILL notice me.
He will.....
The only problem is...................He hasnt."

**************************End of story*****************************

So what dyu think of the ugly fairytale? Its quite sad..really...all of u must be wondering, who is the narrator of the story. well. ITS NOT ME. haha. gotcha.

The moral of the story is..
Jgn la berhasad dengki sgt kat orang lain.
Kalau ade salah faham, berterus terang la antara satu sama lain.
Jangan menghakimi (bib mesti menangis BM i hebat giler) orng terlebih dahulu sebelum mengenali orng itu dgn lebih baik.
Hidup sekali sahaja. jangan melukai hati orang2 yang sayang kamu.
Berkawan la dengan semua orng, jangan asyik nak mencari musuh.
Tenangkan la hati..takyah la asyik2 nak mengeluarkan kata2 tak puas hati. memudaratkan diri sendiri tau!
Jangan ingat semua orng akan ikut cara kau je. sometimes we have to give and take.
Orang tak suke berada di sekeliling orng yang penuh dendam,kecoh kepoh dan tak terurus.
Sometimes kite kene menilai diri sendiri, maybe kite ada bwat salah kat orng lain, instead of orng lain bwat salah kat kite.
Jangan sebarkan fitnah bout other people.tak baik =P goddamn i feel like a ustazah.
simple la. kalau tak beberapa suke dengan someone, tak ape. xde masalah. tapi takyah ckp burok pasal orng tu like, all the time u noe..bwat dek je..baru la boleh hidup bahagia yaw.:)
Fairytale ni ditulis sempena kisah benar dan pengalaman dramatik. dan juga sempena the fact yang couple2 zaman skarang ade password facebook masing2 dan boleh access partner die punye facebook anytime. So,

Better watch out bout what you say.

The one who waves a white flag, seeks for harmony, wishes for lesser enemies, hopes for ladies having less jealousy, and doesnt want to befriend you either (In a peaceful harm-free way),

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Insomniac gile bab

Okay, i admit..dah seminggu i asyik bangun lewat. sebab tido lewat. masalahnye, i cant sleeeppppp!! i dont know why, maybe i think too much about work and stuff..i get excited when it comes to money. i love to list down the stuff that i would buy..heh heh.. Okay, cut the crap. its 3am, my bf is going to go balumic when he finds out ive been sleeping late, again. Sorry sayang.. :( i can never sleep well unless ur beside me.

OMG, did u guys read his recent blog? is he GEDIK or wat? hahahaha..i was reading it this morning *actually it was 3pm* and i was laughing to myself..My bf is sooo gedik...the way he writes pun macam nak kene penampar. But he's soooo cuute, isnt he? heh heh.. ade ke BF u mcm die? takde punggg...haha. siut je.

Anyhow, im just blogging today because we have plans next week babeh! and im gonna write it down because i have short term amnesia *not sure what that means* Okay, arrival of En Fadzli will be on the 30th of November which is on Tuesday night.

Wednesday : 1st Dec 2010
~Morning we will be going to kota kemuning, as i have an interview with one of the bionexus groups under MBC *thank u thank u* Then probably after that we will be doing some romantic lovey dovey stuff which all couples do. Im thinking of eating sushi on that day. im gonna treat my bf sushi, because he doesnt eat sushi. That way, i can eat everything on his plate..hahaha. Then, im also thinking of a rematch of foosball later at night. or maybe hangout with some of our buddies and have a sheesha or two. at bangsar.. nth mane nth syg i ckp..ade je die.

Thursday : 2nd Dec 2010
~We are gonna get our hair colored bitchas!! me and my bf, isnt that cute.. i am thinking of honey blonde, or if i wanna be more like blair, ill just dye it a dark brunette. Boring. And for my bf...hmmm...he can choose himself. *he will make me choose for him anyway, so start thinking!* Aha, later is the best part..i have been dying to get my nails done. but not mani, PEDI! hahaha, n my bf is not gonna run anywhere on this.. To whoever yang baca blog i ni, please do not breathe a word to him yeah. he will make a bunch of worthless excuses to avoid this. plan is to drag him there and treat him a session of pedicure too. =)) aint i the sweetest gf anyone could afford to have? maybe ill pick the color for him too! hahahah!
Okay, so after painting his toenails RED, haha, we might go somewhere dark without lights so no one can see his oh-so beautiful feet. maybe tgk wayang kot...i miss nuzzling my head in his wide-open arms..ngeee...So with all the hair-coloring, i think thats enuf for the day..

Friday : 3rd Dec 2010
~I have no idea actually, usually he will plan half, n ill plan half..i think he wud just fill in the blanks with either 'torturing my gf' or 'Buli gf sy sepanjang hari' or 'menghabiskan  sisa makanan gf sy' or just plain 'menggedik dgn gf sy' haha..

Okay, i shud go to sleep, if he asks, ckp i tdo awal tau..Niteeez!

The one who slept at 10pm on thursday night ( 25th Nov 2010) *important!!*

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Sakit GiGi

hello,selamat Pagi kalian,saye tgh sakit gigi, bile sakit gigi je berat saye mesti turun 3kg..yes!...haha!...sebabnye...bile sakit gigi, sistem kunyahan tidak berfungsi dengan baik. (geng2 gigi atas x boleh bercantum dengan geng2 gigi bawah) maka timbul lah masalah di mana pilihan makanan anda hanyalah kentang putar, bubur,roti cicah air kopi, begedil with soup, dan sistem percakapan pun jadi x cekap, dan saya pun mudah lah menjadi tension...kesian gf saye... :(  sebab kene bebel2 ...sorry eh yang...sayang kat awak!!

jadi...dari pemerhatian yang telah di buat...bile penyakit nih dtg
  1. saye memerlukan perhatian yang lebih dari gf saya...hehe :) 
  2. saye akan jadi sensitif skit...(biase lah...tgh sakit kan)...
  3. saye akan kurang bergaul
  4. Kurang bercakap.
  5. kurang bersosial, 
  6. Jadi kera sumbang
  7. kene tahan telinga bile kene kutuk2 dan jadi bahan2 ketawa oleh kawan2 kerja, 
  8. kene tabahkan hati mase gusi tersebut tgh membengkak...sebab bile die tgh membengkak...hati mesti dalam keadaan tenang...jadi if tgh buat kerja ke or ape2 lah kan...hati kene tabah, x bleh mengamuk x tentu pasal...
  9. saye akan demam sehari semalam sebab ke Bengkak kan gusi itu akan di transfer ke anak tekak..
  10. arghhhhggghhhhh!!!!!!!
Sebenarnye bukan sakit gigi sebab kerosakan gigi atau gigi berlubang sebab makan byk gula2 tapi sebab gigi geraham bongsu nih ha....haish....masuk kali nih dah kali ke 4 dah kesakitan nih menjelma...1st time bulan 5 tahun lepas, 2nd time mase bulan 11 tahun lepas, 3rd time bulan 5  n sekarang nih kali ke!...mcm constant je kan timing die..hahaha!..baru saye perasan....ceit! saye still x cabut lagi gigi2 tersebut...maka insyallah bulan 5 tahun depan saye akan sakit gigi lagi...dan benda2 ini akan jadi lagi... :)

Iye...memang lah saye nak cabut je gigi nih...dah pegi dah klinik kerajaan haritu, mase bulan 5 ...dah register dah pun rm2 je..(murah gile!!)  dah la rm2...doc perempuan lak...huhuhhu...awekk beb!!...senyum je aku...haha...muke okay la...x nampak sgt muke die..pakai mask...x tau la kan... mane tau die jongang ke kan...heh..then die check lah gg tersebut...perg!!...check giler ganas...x mcm awek besar...saye x akan cabut gigi2 tersebut di kelinik kerajaan...Gf saye suruh cabut kat kelinik2 gigi swasta n die nak teman saye cabut...hehe...saye fobia lah cabut2 gigi nih...jadi..saye memerlukan gf saye utk pegang tgn saye...utk tenangkan saye...n dapat alihkan perhatian saye dengan memandang muke die....

ntah lah...lately saye nih semakin hawt...makin cantik,,,makin cute...n makin geram pulak di buat nye...haish!! x tahan!!...ape jamu die makan agaknye...hahaha....rase mcm nak peluk kuat2 je...rindu dekat gf saye...muke die...mate die...tgn die..ouh!...saye rase saye dah jatuh cinta utk kali ke 726

Okay kalian...sekian...

Pesakit Gigi Tegar

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Hari ni i happy.. and then sedih..i woke up feeling ecstatic to be meeting my dad after 1 month and a half. actually im not quite sure if thats true. i think the last time i saw my dad was during raya. ok watevs, u guys can count for me. So we had lunch at Sentul Curry House, this popular indian restaurant. Holy crap! the curry they serve is like 100 times better than anywhere else. so we had a bowl of fish head curry, and long beans..and mutton and all the famous indian delicacies. mmg kenyang giler babs. and while i was eating happily with my dad, Mrs U-listen-to-watever-i-say of a doctor, Siti Aisyah, my infamous but rich, but also poor client (considering her husband's the real gold-miner , working for the petronas company) had the guts to call me and say that she's cancelling off the deal, saying that her loan tenure is only for  10 more years. so i did my own calculation just to satisfy myself, and found out that she's a good 48 years old. hah! u cant hide ur wrinkles forever Dr Aisyah. wat? u thot i was calculating the loan tenure? dream on. So, i wasnt so sad about it, because i knew it was just a matter of time before she draws out from the deal. I am already a professional R.E agent. i can smell and analyze treachery and lies and sweet talks 10 minutes after talking to the person.  and that includes Mrs Miriam. Ugh, i dont wanna talk bad about her, so here's the thing. If u dont have money, dont say too much. people wont believe u. afterall, by observing her outfit i already knew that she's a freakin conman. im not mad, im just disgusted. And Jeff should have known too. but nevermind. atleast now we know that people like this do exist, i mean SCUMBAGS loitering around being cocky about buying a 3.8 million house but drives a gen 2. OK, i get it, never judge a person by their car. whoever said that is a scumbag too. So, that adds up to my sadness today. or more like anger. im bad tempered.

And to add to all those vague memories * i chose to not think of it anymore* my freakin lip is tearing apart. i dont know what happened but it seems like theres a cut on my lower lip and i kept on biting n chewing on it until its all swollen up and saggy. n its very2 annoying. when i told my dearest so called bf about it yesterday, instead of saying sweet soothing calming watever shit to me, die membebel. membebel? BAD MOVE. nobody membebels *bad malay language* at me esp when im having bad resdung. so i pun bengang la. so today, i am not talking to my bf. he doesnt even noe about dr aisyah n miriam. biarkan die. bila sakit pun nak membebel.

And to add to THAT vague memory, *choosing to postpone my merajuking until tomorrow morning when he wakes up*, i cant find my yellow book. :(( huwaa....i have this little yellow notebook which i bring everywhere  with me for my work purposes. *dont even think of bebeling about how i shud use my iphone n htc n watever* (but ipad is a must!) So up till naw, typing away on my laptop, i still havent found yet my yellow book. i will be very upset if i cant find it. i bermanja2 with my mum tadi, just incase she has it, kept it,  but has already planned to bebel at me on how i dont keep my stuff nicely. but rupe2nye die pun tak nampak kat mane. :(( sedih ni.. i have all my shopping spree schedule in there too *slight smile* owh btw, i had this dream that GUCCI was having this extravaganza sale just for me, and all the bags were only RM 780. dont ask me why 780, it was a dream silly. my goodness, if only that was true..malam ni jugak i pegi beratur di pintu depan klcc. sigh~ tmrw, i have alot of work to do..n my yellow book is nowhere to be seen. not in the car, not under the bed, not in the toilet, not in any of my overflowing handbags. i wish i had a mini personal doraemon *slightly smaller than pali, so that i can carry him wherever i go to* which can help me detect all the things that i have lost. wallet, handphones, earings, bfs..haha, kidding.

Huwaaaaaaa...sad sad.. i miss my dad actually, im planning to balik kuantan this december. Cant wait to rogol panther, my dad's persian cat. so freakin adorable. and guess who im planning to go back with? heheheh. thats a question ull have to figure out urself. ill tell u guys in my next blog. *owh yes, bf i tak tulis blog sbb his internet sucks*

PS: alot of my friends were asking me when will i get married? all i said was, whenever. ask the one who's paying, not me =P

The one who dreams of Delia,

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Im in loveee!

Well, actually..thats such old news. Just that recently my feelings toward my bf have improved alot. n i mean ALOT. My love for him is mounting n mounting and i feel like he loves me more n more too. :) I am really happy that both of us are getting more matured in handling our problems..n it feels like it has been a long time since we had a row more than 3 days. or 2 days. our fights had lessened and the simplest things are easily resolved within an hour or so. He has totally changed. he is not the same fadzli i knew 4 years ago. He really takes care of my feelings and surprisingly (haha) he is more talkative than before. Byk bercakap pulak sekarang. Which is a good thing.. And baru2 ni we had a fight over some stupid love-friend issue..but even that was just a matter of a 30 minute groupie discussion to make things better. Ngee ngee ngeee.. We have been talking alot about our relationship and i believe that wat is lacking is that we expect n seek for the other person's attention more than usual. maybe its becoz of our condition? long distance relationship i mean. yeah, probably. but everythings ok naw. We have totally taken our relationship to the next level. Oh no, not marriage..itu lambat lagi...just our relationship right naw is more relaxed and more serious. i just cant wait for him to move here. really..we're gonna get a mainecoon and name her Lola. and play tennis together every other evening. (God, i love watching my bf smash those little green balls, he's so sexy when he does that) and have dinner together. and finally, he can be there for me whenever i need him. Well, except for when he's working. Duh, ofcourse. I aint clingy.

What i love about him naw is that:

-He is a professional at pujuking me :D
-He likes to hold my hand ALL THE FREAKING TIME.
-He says that im pretty and cute and drives him crazy like 50 thousand times a day.
-He finally understood the theory of  'investing in expensive handbags' :P
-He reminds me every other day that no woman can be a comparison to me :D
-He's just funny. and mengade. and manja. boo! mengalahkan i.
-He has really opened up. Tells me stuff and take my advises into account.

Its quite ironic because at the beginning of our acquaintance, i always had that thought that he was the one. After that i was just denying it..assuming i was wrong. but, now, i really do believe that he is the one. :)) I dont care about anyone else, just him. just us.

The one who wishes for a pair of Mykita mirrored aviator,

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Threesome on raya

This particular blog is NOT, i repeat, NOT about FSZ having a threesome with some lesbo chick n a guy. its simply just about the three-os namely,the likes,the dislikes, n the mutual agreements i have on each conversation or event that happened during these 3 days i was in kuantan, for raya. Raya was awesome btw. i cooked lontong n rendang daging. mmmmph sedap giller siaallll! menangis makan. n we had pre-ordered ketupat daun palas (which pali loves but couldnt get , poor thing) and we had nasi minyak, nasi impit, kuah kacang. sambal udang which goes together with the lontong. aih...sedapnye. ketupat nasi n macam2 lagi. for me, hari raya is never complete without lontong n nasi impit. simply irresistible. So...

Shall i start with the likes or the dislikes? probably likes, since its raya n everyone is in a good mood.

What i LIKED during raya is that...
~i had awesome awesome lontong which i made myself.
~i had plenty n plenty of time playing with panther. He's getting more n more adorable.

He loves playing cak cak with me


~i had the best rendang daging...ever!
~Bonded real nice with my aunt n brother. n also my dad, of course.
~Dapat semayang raya. such a blessing.
~Berjaya mengekalkan my weight at 45kg. Pheewiitt!
~Bonded with another client of mine. (im sucha hard worker, raya also keje u know)
~Dapat jumpe sedara mara yang tercinta. hehe. OMG, almost all of them are pregnant. so damn scary. Kak Lily is pregnant with her 30th child i think. hehe. Next year raya is going to be full of kids n babies.
~Makan mee sup yang sedap giller, Kak Pah bwat. wuuuu, the sambal itam was so damn spicy i almost shit my pants. haha. even my brother couldnt handle it.
~Dapat duit raya from my brother. wahuuuuu! its kinda nice to be the last in the family..uh, wait, ill tarik balik those words.
~Owh n ofcourse, the journey back n forth to kuantan was awesome. traffic was almost zero. i drove happily ever after. MRR2 was as clear as crystal. WTF?

Next, the DISLIKES throughout raya would be.........
~My dad decided to NOT give me any duit raya this year..aaaaahhhhhhhhhh! daddy, i just started working 2 weeks ago...have mercy!
~My U-mobile broadband wasnt working. stupid coverage.! Dont they understand i have super rich important clients that i need to attend to? i have loads of marketing processes i need to do n i havent done them yet!
~I couldnt sleep the entire 3 days in Kuantan. Se-mengantok mana pun, i just couldnt sleep. Maybe it was either i had a jack-ass on my mind, or i was thinking hard of my clients. or maybe i was fantasizing about my future car, Nissan Fairlady. haaaaaaa! i love that car.

~I hate the fact that i didnt bring, or more like forgot to bring nice fancy clothes to wear for our open house on the first night of raya.
~I didnt take alot of photos, because my sony memory card is broken. stupid betul.
~last but not least, i still hate mr u know who.sucha spoilt grownup.Ugh!

Mutual agreements consist of......
~A loooooong talk everyone had about Dato Susilawati-watever-her-name-is. Her name popped out of nowhere. my mum talked about her like they knew each other since wombhood. ok, i get it, somebody kidnapped her, killed her,n her driver n threw her ashes in some river in morib, or Tj. Sepat..then? everybody dies everyday anyway. i just dont noe what the big deal is. but i didnt care anyway, atleast it was a topic that was more interesting than concert CT15. EUW.
~Next was a looooong talk also about some free mason illuminati shit. my brother was saying some people believed that the burning techniques of lemang n the shape of ketupat had some resemblance in the ideology of freemason. excuse me, wat the hell is free mason? illuminati? isnt that some christian fuck-ups from angels n demon? seriously, i know u people must be laughing reading this, but this fact was depicted from some malay dude's blog. n he was actually making a joke out of it.. but some other malay readers REALLY thot lemang n ketupat is somehow related to the ideology. seriously? how can people be that stupid? n now theres a whole bunch of rumors saying that free mason influenced the structure of the KLCC build-up n how Dr Mahathir is the leader of free mason. omg, i dont even noe why im talking bout this. but again, i have nooooo say in this. i am totally neutral about all this free mason illuminati shit. coz i simply have no time to give a damn bout some crazy people crucifying themselves to cleanse themselves from all the sins that they have done. i dont noe crap about illuminati (only the ones in the angels n demons movie). but i do noe, i have clients to handle, n a business to give thots about.
~er, i was thinking of the other thing i wanted to write about but i forgot. huhu. this free mason is just so annoying actually. im going to do some research tomorrow n see how many other stupid malay people  devoted in this ridiculous belief.

The one who only believes in logic thinking,

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Bf i comel giller la wey. Jangan jealous!

Actually sebelum ni i merajok dengan die, sbb die tamo tulis blog. die kate die tak minat. Pastu tipu i, kate takde masa la ape la..bwekk!! Nak kate buta IT, memanjang je die download concert la ape la..melebih2 dari i pulak. beli DVD ciplak sudeh...Pastu hari ni die beria2 suh i bukak facebook..die kate u tgk ape je kat facebook. i mula2 blur la jugak...ingatkan kenapa la si gem gem ni dah tak betul ke..then die kate, tak bukak blog ke.? then ade senyuman lebar kat muka comel i. i dah tau dah, mesti die ade update blog kitorng, melebih2 plak drpd  i skarang..comel giller blog die..mmg i happy dengan usaha die utk mnulis blog..tapi mcm melebih je, siap tido kui 3am utk siapkan blog pendek die tu..tak cukup baca buku la awak ni..haha...mmm,i dah jarang menulis gak.. actually sebab baru2 ni i busy..orng dah bekerja la katakan. hmmm, pasal tu maybe ill post it in my another blog. sangat2 penat smlm n hari ni..tapi i puas hati la dengan outcome nye. :) sampai demam tau i bekerja.. hihi..i love my job! Anyhoo, hari ni, (31st august) marks our 4th anniversary. lebih kurang mcm tu lah..ngeeee....i miss my bf so much. takde sape nk suap i makan. takde sape nk urut kaki i yang letih (wlaupun bwak kete automatic)..but i guess, after some time, i dah terbiasa dengan his absence. boleh berpoya2 sesuka hati. =P takdelah..i rase maybe ade baik nye , ade jugak buroknye..i mmg independant on my own. takleh nak harap sangat kat die. hehe, it might sound sad..tapi u patut tgk i beberapa bulan yang lepas. TERLALU DEPENDANT on a guy..tak bagus tak bagus..tapi, kitorng berjauhan pun tak lame. tak lame lagi pindah la si gem2 tu kesini..when my job is superbly stabil, mmg die kene pindah sini la..InsyaAllah next year. best nye! tak sabar utk tunggu saat tu..bile i nak makan mlm dgn die, anytime je...mumumu..dah tak perlu makan sorang2 mcm prempuan bekerjaya anak 5. haha. tapi nanti mmg bergadoh la dengan bf dengan my bestfriend slalu bergadoh, sbb nak merebut i..haha..tu pun sbb dieorng sayang kat i sangat2..kan? hahaha..sgt beruntung jadi i sbnrnye. ade Bf and Bff yang menyayangi i no matter what..Oklah, nak bebuka dah ni..hari ni i puasa tau, even tho i demam! hebat giller tak? siap gi keje lagi..ngehehehe...selamat bbuka everyone.