Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Hari ni i happy.. and then sedih..i woke up feeling ecstatic to be meeting my dad after 1 month and a half. actually im not quite sure if thats true. i think the last time i saw my dad was during raya. ok watevs, u guys can count for me. So we had lunch at Sentul Curry House, this popular indian restaurant. Holy crap! the curry they serve is like 100 times better than anywhere else. so we had a bowl of fish head curry, and long beans..and mutton and all the famous indian delicacies. mmg kenyang giler babs. and while i was eating happily with my dad, Mrs U-listen-to-watever-i-say of a doctor, Siti Aisyah, my infamous but rich, but also poor client (considering her husband's the real gold-miner , working for the petronas company) had the guts to call me and say that she's cancelling off the deal, saying that her loan tenure is only for  10 more years. so i did my own calculation just to satisfy myself, and found out that she's a good 48 years old. hah! u cant hide ur wrinkles forever Dr Aisyah. wat? u thot i was calculating the loan tenure? dream on. So, i wasnt so sad about it, because i knew it was just a matter of time before she draws out from the deal. I am already a professional R.E agent. i can smell and analyze treachery and lies and sweet talks 10 minutes after talking to the person.  and that includes Mrs Miriam. Ugh, i dont wanna talk bad about her, so here's the thing. If u dont have money, dont say too much. people wont believe u. afterall, by observing her outfit i already knew that she's a freakin conman. im not mad, im just disgusted. And Jeff should have known too. but nevermind. atleast now we know that people like this do exist, i mean SCUMBAGS loitering around being cocky about buying a 3.8 million house but drives a gen 2. OK, i get it, never judge a person by their car. whoever said that is a scumbag too. So, that adds up to my sadness today. or more like anger. im bad tempered.

And to add to all those vague memories * i chose to not think of it anymore* my freakin lip is tearing apart. i dont know what happened but it seems like theres a cut on my lower lip and i kept on biting n chewing on it until its all swollen up and saggy. n its very2 annoying. when i told my dearest so called bf about it yesterday, instead of saying sweet soothing calming watever shit to me, die membebel. membebel? BAD MOVE. nobody membebels *bad malay language* at me esp when im having bad resdung. so i pun bengang la. so today, i am not talking to my bf. he doesnt even noe about dr aisyah n miriam. biarkan die. bila sakit pun nak membebel.

And to add to THAT vague memory, *choosing to postpone my merajuking until tomorrow morning when he wakes up*, i cant find my yellow book. :(( huwaa....i have this little yellow notebook which i bring everywhere  with me for my work purposes. *dont even think of bebeling about how i shud use my iphone n htc n watever* (but ipad is a must!) So up till naw, typing away on my laptop, i still havent found yet my yellow book. i will be very upset if i cant find it. i bermanja2 with my mum tadi, just incase she has it, kept it,  but has already planned to bebel at me on how i dont keep my stuff nicely. but rupe2nye die pun tak nampak kat mane. :(( sedih ni.. i have all my shopping spree schedule in there too *slight smile* owh btw, i had this dream that GUCCI was having this extravaganza sale just for me, and all the bags were only RM 780. dont ask me why 780, it was a dream silly. my goodness, if only that was true..malam ni jugak i pegi beratur di pintu depan klcc. sigh~ tmrw, i have alot of work to do..n my yellow book is nowhere to be seen. not in the car, not under the bed, not in the toilet, not in any of my overflowing handbags. i wish i had a mini personal doraemon *slightly smaller than pali, so that i can carry him wherever i go to* which can help me detect all the things that i have lost. wallet, handphones, earings, bfs..haha, kidding.

Huwaaaaaaa...sad sad.. i miss my dad actually, im planning to balik kuantan this december. Cant wait to rogol panther, my dad's persian cat. so freakin adorable. and guess who im planning to go back with? heheheh. thats a question ull have to figure out urself. ill tell u guys in my next blog. *owh yes, bf i tak tulis blog sbb his internet sucks*

PS: alot of my friends were asking me when will i get married? all i said was, whenever. ask the one who's paying, not me =P

The one who dreams of Delia,

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