Sunday, September 12, 2010

Threesome on raya

This particular blog is NOT, i repeat, NOT about FSZ having a threesome with some lesbo chick n a guy. its simply just about the three-os namely,the likes,the dislikes, n the mutual agreements i have on each conversation or event that happened during these 3 days i was in kuantan, for raya. Raya was awesome btw. i cooked lontong n rendang daging. mmmmph sedap giller siaallll! menangis makan. n we had pre-ordered ketupat daun palas (which pali loves but couldnt get , poor thing) and we had nasi minyak, nasi impit, kuah kacang. sambal udang which goes together with the lontong. aih...sedapnye. ketupat nasi n macam2 lagi. for me, hari raya is never complete without lontong n nasi impit. simply irresistible. So...

Shall i start with the likes or the dislikes? probably likes, since its raya n everyone is in a good mood.

What i LIKED during raya is that...
~i had awesome awesome lontong which i made myself.
~i had plenty n plenty of time playing with panther. He's getting more n more adorable.

He loves playing cak cak with me


~i had the best rendang daging...ever!
~Bonded real nice with my aunt n brother. n also my dad, of course.
~Dapat semayang raya. such a blessing.
~Berjaya mengekalkan my weight at 45kg. Pheewiitt!
~Bonded with another client of mine. (im sucha hard worker, raya also keje u know)
~Dapat jumpe sedara mara yang tercinta. hehe. OMG, almost all of them are pregnant. so damn scary. Kak Lily is pregnant with her 30th child i think. hehe. Next year raya is going to be full of kids n babies.
~Makan mee sup yang sedap giller, Kak Pah bwat. wuuuu, the sambal itam was so damn spicy i almost shit my pants. haha. even my brother couldnt handle it.
~Dapat duit raya from my brother. wahuuuuu! its kinda nice to be the last in the family..uh, wait, ill tarik balik those words.
~Owh n ofcourse, the journey back n forth to kuantan was awesome. traffic was almost zero. i drove happily ever after. MRR2 was as clear as crystal. WTF?

Next, the DISLIKES throughout raya would be.........
~My dad decided to NOT give me any duit raya this year..aaaaahhhhhhhhhh! daddy, i just started working 2 weeks ago...have mercy!
~My U-mobile broadband wasnt working. stupid coverage.! Dont they understand i have super rich important clients that i need to attend to? i have loads of marketing processes i need to do n i havent done them yet!
~I couldnt sleep the entire 3 days in Kuantan. Se-mengantok mana pun, i just couldnt sleep. Maybe it was either i had a jack-ass on my mind, or i was thinking hard of my clients. or maybe i was fantasizing about my future car, Nissan Fairlady. haaaaaaa! i love that car.

~I hate the fact that i didnt bring, or more like forgot to bring nice fancy clothes to wear for our open house on the first night of raya.
~I didnt take alot of photos, because my sony memory card is broken. stupid betul.
~last but not least, i still hate mr u know who.sucha spoilt grownup.Ugh!

Mutual agreements consist of......
~A loooooong talk everyone had about Dato Susilawati-watever-her-name-is. Her name popped out of nowhere. my mum talked about her like they knew each other since wombhood. ok, i get it, somebody kidnapped her, killed her,n her driver n threw her ashes in some river in morib, or Tj. Sepat..then? everybody dies everyday anyway. i just dont noe what the big deal is. but i didnt care anyway, atleast it was a topic that was more interesting than concert CT15. EUW.
~Next was a looooong talk also about some free mason illuminati shit. my brother was saying some people believed that the burning techniques of lemang n the shape of ketupat had some resemblance in the ideology of freemason. excuse me, wat the hell is free mason? illuminati? isnt that some christian fuck-ups from angels n demon? seriously, i know u people must be laughing reading this, but this fact was depicted from some malay dude's blog. n he was actually making a joke out of it.. but some other malay readers REALLY thot lemang n ketupat is somehow related to the ideology. seriously? how can people be that stupid? n now theres a whole bunch of rumors saying that free mason influenced the structure of the KLCC build-up n how Dr Mahathir is the leader of free mason. omg, i dont even noe why im talking bout this. but again, i have nooooo say in this. i am totally neutral about all this free mason illuminati shit. coz i simply have no time to give a damn bout some crazy people crucifying themselves to cleanse themselves from all the sins that they have done. i dont noe crap about illuminati (only the ones in the angels n demons movie). but i do noe, i have clients to handle, n a business to give thots about.
~er, i was thinking of the other thing i wanted to write about but i forgot. huhu. this free mason is just so annoying actually. im going to do some research tomorrow n see how many other stupid malay people  devoted in this ridiculous belief.

The one who only believes in logic thinking,