Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Im in loveee!

Well, actually..thats such old news. Just that recently my feelings toward my bf have improved alot. n i mean ALOT. My love for him is mounting n mounting and i feel like he loves me more n more too. :) I am really happy that both of us are getting more matured in handling our problems..n it feels like it has been a long time since we had a row more than 3 days. or 2 days. our fights had lessened and the simplest things are easily resolved within an hour or so. He has totally changed. he is not the same fadzli i knew 4 years ago. He really takes care of my feelings and surprisingly (haha) he is more talkative than before. Byk bercakap pulak sekarang. Which is a good thing.. And baru2 ni we had a fight over some stupid love-friend issue..but even that was just a matter of a 30 minute groupie discussion to make things better. Ngee ngee ngeee.. We have been talking alot about our relationship and i believe that wat is lacking is that we expect n seek for the other person's attention more than usual. maybe its becoz of our condition? long distance relationship i mean. yeah, probably. but everythings ok naw. We have totally taken our relationship to the next level. Oh no, not marriage..itu lambat lagi...just our relationship right naw is more relaxed and more serious. i just cant wait for him to move here. really..we're gonna get a mainecoon and name her Lola. and play tennis together every other evening. (God, i love watching my bf smash those little green balls, he's so sexy when he does that) and have dinner together. and finally, he can be there for me whenever i need him. Well, except for when he's working. Duh, ofcourse. I aint clingy.

What i love about him naw is that:

-He is a professional at pujuking me :D
-He likes to hold my hand ALL THE FREAKING TIME.
-He says that im pretty and cute and drives him crazy like 50 thousand times a day.
-He finally understood the theory of  'investing in expensive handbags' :P
-He reminds me every other day that no woman can be a comparison to me :D
-He's just funny. and mengade. and manja. boo! mengalahkan i.
-He has really opened up. Tells me stuff and take my advises into account.

Its quite ironic because at the beginning of our acquaintance, i always had that thought that he was the one. After that i was just denying it..assuming i was wrong. but, now, i really do believe that he is the one. :)) I dont care about anyone else, just him. just us.

The one who wishes for a pair of Mykita mirrored aviator,


  1. mykita nih x bape cantik la yang...cantik lagi gucci tu

  2. gucci yang mana satu?! tapi if i beli mykita, ill be the only person in malaysia to have it!!